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Raleigh Christmas Meal Delivery

The holiday season is about cherishing friends and family. But reminiscing over eggnog is almost impossible when you have hams to glaze, yeast rolls to bake, and a never-ending pile of dishes to wash.

This Christmas, let Table & Twine take the fuss out of your festive feast. Artfully prepared by talented chefs, our Raleigh Christmas meal kits free you up to trim the tree and open presents.

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Why Choose a Christmas Meal Kit?

No matter if you love to cook or prefer to microwave your dinners, you’ll be impressed by the convenience of Table & Twine. When we provide at-home Mother’s Day catering in Raleigh, we work to ensure every customer benefits from:

Quick Preparation & Cleanup

With Table & Twine, a restaurant-quality spread doesn’t need hours to prepare. Since our chefs cook up to 90% of your meal, you’ll only be responsible for the finishing touches. That means you can spend more time enjoying festivities and less time planning, shopping, chopping, and cleaning.

Restaurant-Quality Flavors at Home

It can be hard to find an eatery that’s open on Christmas, especially one that’ll dish out five-star entrées. Fortunately, when you order a Raleigh Christmas meal kit from Table & Twine, you can create restaurant-quality dishes in your very own kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

Impressive Yuletide Dishes

Together, we can prepare a decadent feast that’s sure to impress the family. Since each recipe has been developed by a professional chef, there’s a balance of savory flavors. And, since Table & Twine’s desserts are curated by our Executive Pastry Chef, you’ll finish on a high note.

Christmas Meal Kit FAQs

Bringing your Christmas meal to life should only take one to two hours. On the packaging of every dish, you’ll find a QR code. Scan this code for easy-to-follow heating instructions.

To receive your meal kit for Christmas, please place an order by [insert date].

Table & Twine meal kits cannot be customized. However, our meals are crowd-pleasers among both adults and children.



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