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Why Table & Twine

What Makes Us Different

At Table & Twine, we deliver quality meals to people who value convenience. Unlike other meal kit models, we keep prep time to a minimum. Since our chefs handle most of the mincing, muddling, and measuring, you’ll have a restaurant-quality dish in about 15 minutes – a fraction of the time needed to prepare a Blue Apron or HelloFresh meal.

Our chefs are also dedicated to developing “food that travels.” Hoping to ensure freshness, they prepare and package ingredients in such a way that your culinary experience is indistinguishable from that of a five-star restaurant.

Why Order Table & Twine?

Artisanal Dishes

A rotating menu of chef-driven dishes, exploring both classic flavors, as well as ethnic cuisines

Our chefs use authentic techniques and locally-sourced ingredients

Freshness Where It Counts

Thanks to decades of catering experience, we have developed techniques to maximize freshness while minimizing final preparation time

Minimal Hassle

Our innovative design allows many of our items to be cooked in their original packaging, meaning fewer dirty dishes

With our oven-ready butcher paper, you can place proteins and many sides on a sheet pan in the oven using the packaging to reduce clean-up.

Flexible Portions

Our dinner portions are available in single-serving increments, so we never force customers to order more than they need

Whether it’s a quick dinner for one or a feast for five, Table & Twine can deliver tasty, nourishing meals

Faster Prep

We season, marinate, and par-cook vegetables; you just finish them in the oven in under 15 minutes to ensure the right consistency and temperature

Excellent Value

Each week we offer everyday select dinner options for $17.99

Our premium meals feature fine cuts of beef or seafood and start at $19.99.



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