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Weekly Menu Raleigh

Raleigh Durham Chef-Prepared Meals at Home

Fun, Fresh Flavors Each Week

At Table & Twine, we take the drudgery out of breakfast, lunch & dinner by offering new, exciting recipes each week. These chef-driven dishes take inspiration from regional fare as well as modern, international cuisine.

Recipes are also inspired by seasonality. To provide customers with the best food possible, our chefs partner with local farmers who supply us with fresh, seasonal produce. Fruits and veggies star in citrus-forward cocktails, leafy salads, artisan tacos, and more.

But, unlike our competitors, we don’t just ship these ingredients to your doorstep and expect you to do the hard work. Rather, our chefs handle the more technical, time-consuming aspects of cooking. You’ll just need to put the finishing touches on your meal. 

Browse the menu
Weekly Menu Raleigh

Browse the menu

How It Works

Are you ready for more flavor and fun? Browse our gallery of chef-driven recipes, selecting your favorites in serving sizes of either one, two, or four. You can also customize the quantity of serving sizes, just in case you need to feed a crowd.

After placing your order, you’ll either pick up your meals at our local kitchen or have them delivered to your doorstep. Once you receive your Raleigh dinner meal kit, you’ll just need 15 minutes to prepare an impressive meal!

Heating Instructions

At Table & Twine, our goal is to provide you with five-star meals that are as convenient as they are delicious. We do this by pre-preparing fresh ingredients and providing step-by-step heating instructions. Just scan the QR code on your meal’s packaging to get started! Heating instructions are also available online.

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