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Thanksgiving Packages*

Thanksgiving Meal Delivery & Pickup in the Triangle

Preparing a multi-course Thanksgiving meal can be nerve-wracking. Between basting the turkey and stringing the green beans, there’s little time to enjoy your friends and family. Fortunately, Table & Twine has a better solution.

This Thanksgiving, cook a delicious turkey in as little as 2 hours.

Order by Sunday, November 19th.

Local Delivery and Pickup is on Tuesday, Nov. 21st and Wednesday, Nov. 22nd. 

Pickup at 5000 Departure Drive, Raleigh, NC 27616. Tuesday pickups are 1:00pm-5:00pm. Wednesday pickup is 9:00am and 2:00pm.

*Refrigerate upon receipt. Items will stay fresh for several days. Delivery orders will be insulated with ice packs, so they are fine on your porch for a few hours if you're not home to receive them. 

Cancellation Policy: Customers must cancel orders by WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th to receive a refund with a 10% cancellation fee. This fee covers credit card processing fees. If you cancel your order after November 8th, no refund will be offered.

See FAQs below for more details.

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Thanksgiving Packages*

The deadline to order Thanksgiving has passed!

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Order FAQs

Cancellation Policy:

Customers must cancel orders by WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th to receive a refund with a 10% cancellation fee. This fee covers credit card processing fees.

If you cancel your order after November 19th, no refund will be offered.

We understand unexpected things happen! To limit food waste, we will happily deliver your meal to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who can accept the order in your absence.

No problem at all! Shoot us an email at or call us at 704-832-4327 and we can adjust your order for you.*

*Based on availability of items. Changes must be made no later than 24 hours before the order delivery or pickup date.

Everything now comes in oven-ready pans for even more ease!

For the Thanksgiving Dinner Package, we recommend giving yourself at least 3 hours of prep time to allow you to finish cooking or heating up your food. Most of this time is simply oven heating time!

The Southern Sides & Pie Package requires about 45 minutes of time in the oven before it's ready to serve.

The Brunch Package requires about 30 minutes of time in the oven before it's ready to serve.

The Appetizer Package requires about 20 minutes of time in the oven before it's ready to serve.

The deadline to order from our Thanksgiving menu is Sunday, November 19th.

We recommend that you place your Thanksgiving order as soon as possible, while supplies last!

Yes! All our items are designed to stay fresh in your fridge for up to 4 days after you receive them. Be sure to refrigerate all your Thanksgiving items, except for the dinner rolls.

We are not able to make any substitutions or adjustments to our menu.

Curbside pickup is on Tuesday Nov. 21st and Wednesday Nov. 22nd.

Pickup is at Rocky Top Catering at 5000 Departure Drive, Raleigh.

Pickup Times:

Tuesday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

Wednesday: 9:00am-2:00pm

Your package will be delivered in an insulated box or bag(s) with ice packs, so it is fine to stay on your doorstep for several hours if you're not home to receive it.

Enter a cell phone number at checkout and you will receive text updates on the day of your delivery.

Deliveries will be on Tuesday, Nov. 21st and Wednesday, Nov. 22nd.

Deliveries will be between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm.

Enter a valid cell phone number at check out to receive delivery text message updates on the day of your delivery!

Deliveries will be in insulated bags/boxes with ice packs and are fine to stay on your doorstep for several hours if you're not home upon delivery.

Your order will come with detailed, easy to follow instructions for heating prior to serving!

Discounts do not apply to packages. You can use a gift card to purchase Thanksgiving items.

We will have a limited menu available for pickup/delivery on Tuesday, November 21st in addition to our Thanksgiving menu. 

Orders for Wednesday, Nov. 22nd will be Thanksgiving menu items only.

Please note: Items from the regular (limited) menu need to be ordered separately from Thanksgiving items. These items will be available to order on Wednesday, Nov. 15th.

How Our Thanksgiving Meal Kits Work

At Table & Twine, our mission is to connect people through delicious yet convenient food. That’s why our Thanksgiving meal kits in Raleigh come with all the pre-measured and pre-prepared ingredients you need to host a festive gathering. You’ll just need to pop our oven-ready dishes in your oven and heat to perfection.

We offer a decadent Thanksgiving meal package with all the fixings. We also offer a Brunch Package, Appetizer Package, and Southern Sides & Apple Pie Package to complete your holiday!

Why Choose a Thanksgiving Meal Kit?

When you order a convenient meal kit from Table & Twine, you’ll be thankful for a delicious, restaurant-quality feast that impresses friends and family alike. You’ll also be thankful for: 

  • Classic Flavors With a Twist: Our talented chefs are passionate about developing recipes that provide customers with an at-home culinary experience, elevating classic Thanksgiving dishes.

  • Spend Time With Your Family: Since our chefs prepare 90% of the feast, you won’t need to rush around chopping and stirring. Our oven-ready Thanksgiving feast will save you time and stress on Thanksgiving day.

  • Fewer Dishes and Less Cleanup: Perhaps the worst part about Thanksgiving is the messy cleanup: greasy roasting pans, crusty gravy boats, cranberry-stained cutting boards. But with our Raleigh Thanksgiving meal packages, you’ll have way less to wash. That’s because everything comes in oven-ready, disposable pans.



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