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Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Meal Kit Delivery in Raleigh Durham

Finding vegetarian options is easy with our vegetarian meal kit service in Raleigh. We offer a variety of vegetarian appetizers, desserts, and ready to eat meals. 

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Vegetarian Menu

Our Vegetarian Menu

Why Choose a Vegetarian Meal Kit?

At Table & Twine, our weekly menus are crafted by passionate and experienced chefs who care about your culinary experience. We want each customer to feel good about what they’re eating. Other reasons why Raleigh residents love our vegetarian meal kits include:

Less Environmental Impact

Compared to a serving of vegetables, meat is linked to more greenhouse emissions and water consumption. Fortunately, when you opt for a vegetarian meal kit in Raleigh, you can rest easy knowing that your dinner had little impact on the earth

Improved Heart Function

Meat is high in saturated fat, which can boost your cholesterol and affect cardiovascular function. Comparatively, fruits and vegetables have the opposite effect. High levels of antioxidants can actually reduce plaque buildup and improve heart function.

More “You” Time

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to exercise, read, or just relax. But with Table & Twine’s vegetarian meal kits, you can reclaim some “me” time. Since our chefs handle all the shopping and chopping, you can whip up a home-cooked meal in 15 minutes or less.

How Our Vegetarian Meal Kits Work

With Table & Twine, you’ll have no problem avoiding animal-based proteins.

After you order your favorite vegetarian entrées, appetizers, and desserts, our chefs will start mincing garlic and muddling herbs. Then, once each ingredient is pre-prepared and thoughtfully packaged, we’ll deliver your order full of fresh, delicious food right to your door. From there, you’ll just need to add the finishing touches to your vegetarian meals.

What To Expect From Our Vegetarian Meal Service

Raleigh residents love our vegetarian meal meal service because it makes healthy, meat-free eating more convenient.

  • 100% Meat-Free: No longer will you need to scrutinize nutrition labels for trace amounts of lard or gelatin. Instead, you can trust our chefs to artfully prepare 100% meat-free dishes.

  • Pre-Prepared Ingredients: Are you tired of chopping butternut squash and mincing onions? If so, partner with Table & Twine. In your Raleigh vegetarian meal kit, you’ll receive all the pre-prepared ingredients you need to whip up a decadent dinner.

  • Seasonal Produce: Unlike other meal kit services, we don’t import fruits and vegetables from overseas. Instead, we rely on local growers to provide us with the freshest, most nutritious produce possible.

Vegetarian Meal Kit FAQs

Absolutely not! Our chefs prepare plant-based meals that are tasty to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Countless studies suggest eating a more plant-based diet can improve cardiovascular function, lower your risk for developing certain cancers, and increase your overall well-being. Fortunately, Table & Twine makes eating a balanced vegetarian diet super easy.

Each vegetarian meal kit will come with the pre-measured and pre-prepared ingredients you need to prepare a delicious, plant-based dinner.



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