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Gluten Free Menu

Gluten-Free Meal Delivery in Raleigh & Durham

At Table & Twine, we offer a more convenient and personalized meal experience. With our gluten-free meal kit delivery service in Raleigh, you’re afforded access to dozens of gluten-free dishes. 

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Gluten Free Menu
Allergy Warning:

Please note: Our items are made in a facility that produces items with gluten, dairy, nuts, and shellfish. Menu items may come in contact with these allergens.

Gluten-Free Menu

Why Choose a Gluten-Free Meal Kit?

Our chefs care about food and the role it plays in your life. That’s why they thoughtfully prepare restaurant-quality meals that are gluten-free. Other benefits of Raleigh gluten-free menu options include:

Less Discomfort, More Joy

Whether you have celiac disease or a mild gluten sensitivity, you know all too well that eating the wrong things can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, when you dine with Table & Twine, you can rest easy knowing that our chefs have thoughtfully curated gluten-free recipes.

Restaurant-Quality Food, Minus the Fuss

When you have an allergy, going out to eat isn’t convenient. Peppering the waiter with questions or asking for special substitutions can leave you and your dinner guests feeling embarrassed. Luckily, Table & Twine can bring a no-fuss restaurant experience to your home with a range of gluten-free options.

How Our Gluten-Free Meal Kits Work

We make ordering gluten-free meals easy.

If a dish strikes your fancy but isn’t gluten-free, you can easily modify many of our dishes at home. For example, our artisan street tacos can be made gluten-free by removing the flour tortillas.

What To Expect From Our Gluten-Free Menu Options

Raleigh residents can’t get enough of our gluten-free meals. Why? Because Table & Twine understands how to curate dishes that are both allergy friendly and delicious.

  • Fresh Flavors: At Table & Twine, our chefs want your dinner to be brilliant – not boring. That’s why they reveal new gluten-free dishes each week. These recipes take inspiration from southern fare as well as international cuisine.

  • Farm-to-Table Produce: Other meal kit companies source produce from foreign countries, importing fruits and veggies from thousands of miles away. But not Table & Twine. Instead, we do our best to partner with local growers to source the freshest products possible.

  • For Your Sweet Tooth: With Table & Twine, you can treat yourself to a multi-course meal at home. We even offer gluten-free desserts prepared by our Executive Pastry Chef.

Gluten-Free Meal Kit FAQs

Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat. It is also sometimes found in barley, rye, and oats. So, a gluten-free diet is one that avoids these ingredients.

A gluten allergy can cause a wide range of symptoms, from hives to gastrointestinal upset. The best way to confirm a gluten allergy is to consult a doctor.

Some people find that removing gluten reduces inflammation, improves energy, and contributes to weight loss. However, you should always talk with a medical professional before modifying your diet. 

Our gluten-free options include everything you need to prepare a delicious meal in 20 minutes or less. You’ll just need to scan the QR code on your meal’s packaging for heating instructions.



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