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Allergy Friendly Menu

Allergy-Friendly Meal Delivery in Charlotte

Carefully Curated Menu Items for Everyone

At Table & Twine, we’re dedicated to providing a personalized culinary experience. For some of our customers, that means catering to specific dietary restrictions.

Whether you have a nut allergy or prefer to eat a more plant-based diet, our talented chefs can prepare dishes to suit your needs. Unlike other meal kit delivery services in Charlotte, we even offer single-serving dishes. That way, everyone in your home can enjoy a restaurant-quality meal without fearing an allergic reaction.

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Allergy Friendly Menu

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Why Choose an Allergy-Friendly Meal Kit in Charlotte?

Our talented chefs have developed a variety of allergy-friendly meals that are delicious and convenient. Since these dishes are easy to prepare and come in single-serving portions, you can enjoy a meal with the rest of your family. Other benefits of allergy-friendly meal kits include:

Avoid Allergic Reactions

Table & Twine’s allergy-friendly meal kits make dinnertime enjoyable – not stressful. Since our chefs thoughtfully develop these recipes, you don’t need to worry about uncomfortable symptoms like coughing or digestive upset.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Label Examination

Whether you have a serious nut allergy or a mild gluten sensitivity, you likely spend loads of time reading nutrition labels. Fortunately, when you order an allergy-friendly meal kit from Table & Twine, you can simply untwine and dine.

Everyone Can Eat at the Same Time

All Table & Twine meals – allergy-friendly or not – can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. That means even if you order a different dish from your wife and kids, you can all start eating in just 15 minutes.

What Makes Table & Twine Different?

Table & Twine is unlike any meal kit delivery service you’ve encountered. Compared to leading competitors, we provide an easier, more personalized culinary experience.

Since our chefs prepare up to 90% of every meal, you won’t need to spend hours deciphering complicated recipes. Instead, you’ll just need 15 minutes to prepare our restaurant-quality dishesWith our unique packaging, which is designed to be placed in the oven, clean-up is easy too!

How To Select Allergy-Friendly Meals

We make ordering allergy-friendly meal kits in Charlotte fast and easy. On our website, we use icons to indicate if a dish is free of a specific ingredient. For example, a gluten-free meal will have a wheat sheaf with a “no” symbol.

These icons save our customers tons of time. Rather than read through ingredient lists for each product, you can quickly identify allergy-friendly meals.

Heating Instructions

Preparing an allergy-friendly meal by Table & Twine is simple! Just scan the QR code on your meal’s packaging for easy-to-follow heating instructions. These instructions are also available online.

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