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Labor Day

Charlotte Labor Day Meal Delivery

This year, don’t spend Labor Day toiling in the kitchen or sweating over the grill. Instead, partner with Table & Twine. When you order a Labor Day package in Charlotte from us, preparing a five-star barbecue is as easy as pie.

The Labor Day Package is available for delivery or pickup on Thursday, August 31st and Friday, September 1st only. Items are designed to stay fresh in your fridge through the holiday weekend. The rest of our menu will also be available on those dates. 

Order by 11:59pm on August 30th - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 

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Charlotte Labor Day Package

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Labor Day Menu FAQs

Preparing your Labor Day meal should take less than an hour of heating time for the pork, turkey and cookies.

All of the sides are pretty much ready to eat with no heating required! You can find the easy-to-follow heating instructions on the packaging of every dish.

To receive your meal kit for Labor Day, please place an order by 11:59pm on August 30th. *While supplies last! We are only able to accept a certain amount of orders, so get your order in today!

We are unable to make adjustments to items or accommodate special requests.

The items on our Labor Day menu are available for pickup or delivery to select Charlotte and surrounding area zip codes on Thursday, August 31st and Friday, September 1st only. The rest of our menu will also be available on these days.

Everything is designed to stay fresh in your fridge throughout the holiday weekend.

While serving amounts can be relative based on your crowd and how many items you're offering, the Labor Day Package is designed to serve up to 6 people. More quantity details can be found in the individual item descriptions. We do our best to accurately portray the portion sizes in our photos.

No worries! Delivery orders will be packaged in insulated bags with ice packs, and are fine to stay on your porch for several hours if you're not home. Our delivery window is typically between 11am and 5:30pm. You should receive text updates on the day of your delivery with an estimated delivery time.

Pickups are between 10am and 5:15pm at 2600 Youngblood Street in Charlotte's South End. We are located inside the Best Impressions Caterers building. Simply park in one of the designated spots at the front of the building and give us a call when you arrive and we will bring it out to you.

Note: Pickups are not typically packaged with insulation/ice packs.

You must cancel orders no less than 24 hours before your scheduled delivery/pick-up day to receive a refund with a 10% cancellation fee to cover credit card processing fees. If you cancel your order less than 24 hours before your scheduled delivery/pick-up time, no refund will be offered.

To limit food waste, we will happily deliver your meal to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who can accept the order in your absence.

How Our Labor Day Meal Kits Work

At Table & Twine, we take the “labor” out of Labor Day by doing all the planning, shopping, and chopping for you. Once you receive your Charlotte Labor Day meal kit, you’ll just need to add the finishing touches.

Why Choose a Labor Day Meal Kit?

If you want to spend your holiday relaxing – not rushing around a kitchen – you’ll love Labor Day at-home catering in Charlotte. Other benefits of ordering our holiday meal kits include:

  • Less Panicking, More Picnicking: Hosting a backyard banquet is no easy feat. Between grilling burgers and mixing margaritas, you barely have the bandwidth to chat with guests. Luckily, when you order a Labor Day meal kit in Charlotte, our chefs do all the back-breaking work so that you can enjoy a panic-free picnic.

  • Chef-Inspired Flavors at Home: At Just because you’re cooking out doesn’t mean you should cop out with tasteless and bland food. This year, rather than serve hot dogs and store-bought sides, you should impress your friends and family by serving a delicious, restaurant-quality meal prepared by local chefs.

  • Quick & Easy Cleanup: As Charlotte catering professionals, we know that cleaning up after a party sucks. This is why many of the dishes in our Labor Day meal kits come in oven-ready packaging. So, instead of scrubbing grease off baking pans, you can spend quality time with loved ones.



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