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Weekly Menu

Charlotte Chef-Prepared Dinners at Home

Fresh Flavors Each Week

At Table & Twine, our chefs curate exciting culinary experiences for customers by revealing new recipes each week. These recipes are often inspired by regional flavors as well as cuisine from far-flung places like Italy, India, and Spain.

To ensure each meal is fresh and delicious, our chefs use seasonal produce from local farms. That means in the cooler months, you can expect hardier vegetables like Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and kale. But as temperatures rise in the Carolinas, you can look forward to zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

In your Charlotte meal kit box, you’ll also find carefully-sourced seafood, pasture-raised proteins, and other ingredients needed to pull off an impressive meal. Just scan the QR code on your packaging for easy-to-follow heating instructions to get started!

Browse the menu
Weekly Menu

Browse the menu

How It Works

Ordering from Table & Twine is fast and easy. Each week, you’ll browse our menu of chef-inspired meals, ordering dishes that make you excited about dinnertime. Our featured meals come in serving sizes of one, two, and four, but you can always adjust the quantity of serving sizes to suit your needs.

After placing your order, you can either pick up your meals at our local kitchens or have them delivered to your doorstep. From there, you’ll just need to follow our simple instructions to prepare a single-serving restaurant-quality meal in 15 minutes or less!

Heating Instructions

When you partner with Table & Twine, you’re never alone in the kitchen. That’s because our chefs pre-prepare every ingredient in your Charlotte meal kit. Then, they provide step-by-step heating instructions to help you pull the dish together.

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