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Raleigh Mother’s Day Meal Kits

Nothing says “I love you” more than a delicious meal. But dishing up a multi-course spread to celebrate Mother’s Day is easier said than done. With onions to mince and herbs to muddle, there’s little time to chat with your mom.

Luckily, there’s a better solution. When you partner with Table & Twine for at-home Mother’s Day catering in Raleigh, you benefit from award-winning recipes that are as convenient as they are delicious.

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Why Choose a Mother’s Day Meal Kit?

No matter if you love to cook or prefer to microwave your dinners, you’ll be impressed by the convenience of Table & Twine. When we provide at-home Mother’s Day catering in Raleigh, we work to ensure every customer benefits from:

Less Time in the Kitchen

Typically, hosts are so busy chopping and garnishing that they can’t enjoy their guests. This isn’t the case with our Mother’s Day package. Our chefs prepare 90% of your celebratory spread, handling all the planning, shopping, and chopping so you don’t have to. You’ll just need to add the finishing touches.

Classic Flavors With Bright, Bold Twists

At Table & Twine, we think cooking should be fun and exciting – not a chore. That’s why our culinary team takes the time to develop delicious recipes that elevate classic flavors. To ensure every meal tastes fresh out of a restaurant kitchen, we use locally-sourced produce, high-quality protein, and surprising spices.

A Personalized Culinary Experience

Unlike other meal kit services in Raleigh, Table & Twine curates every Mother’s Day package with your family in mind. We hand-wrap each ingredient and create menus that truly honor the occasion. In doing so, we provide an intimate culinary experience for the fraction of the cost of eating out.

Mother’s Day Meal Kit FAQs

To give your mom the gift of a home-cooked meal with our Mother’s Day meal kit, set aside one to two hours. Since we package most dishes in oven-ready pans and butcher paper, you won’t need to spend much time cleaning up afterward.    

To ensure that you receive your meal kit on time, please order your Mother’s Day meal by [insert date].

Unfortunately, no. Making modifications can affect the delicate balance of flavors in each recipe.



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