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Kids Meal Menu

Family Meal Kit Kids’ Menu in Charlotte

If your kiddos refuse to eat anything but boxed mac-and-cheese and frozen fish sticks, introduce their palettes to Charlotte kids’ meals by Table & Twine. Our chefs have developed these dishes with picky eaters in mind, disguising vegetables with savory sauces and lean proteins with tantalizing spices.

What’s even better? Our kids’ meals only take 15 minutes to prepare. That means you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family at the dinner table.

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Kids Meal Menu

Browse the menu

Heating Instructions

When you partner with Table & Twine, you’re never alone in the kitchen. That’s because our chefs pre-prepare every ingredient in your Charlotte meal kit. Then, they provide step-by-step heating instructions to help you pull the dish together.

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