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Dairy Free Menu

Dairy-Free Meal Kit Delivery & Pickup in Charlotte

Table & Twine's dairy-free menu options in Charlotte makes it simple for customers with dairy intolerances to enjoy convenient, restaurant-quality dishes. When you partner with us, you’ll spend less time shopping and chopping and more time relaxing with family over dinner.

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Dairy Free Menu
Allergy Warning:

Please note: Our items are made in a facility that produces items with gluten, dairy, nuts, and shellfish. Menu items may come in contact with these allergens.

Dairy Free Menu:

Why Choose a Dairy-Free Meal Kit?

With Table & Twine, you can spend less time scouring ingredient lists for trace amounts of dairy and more time enjoying a restaurant-quality culinary experience. Other benefits of Charlotte dairy-free meal kits include:

No Gastrointestinal Upset

Sensitivity to dairy products often shows itself through digestive symptoms like bloating and indigestion. An easy way to help this problem is to avoid dairy.

Try New and Healthier Foods

When you have a dietary restriction, it’s easy to eat the same foods day after day. This gets boring. Luckily, ordering dairy-free meal kits in Charlotte means trying new, exciting meals each week. 

What To Expect From Our Dairy-Free Meal Service

  • Dairy-Free Meals: Just because you have a dietary restriction doesn’t mean you should miss out. That’s why our chefs prepare a full menu of dairy-free offerings. From satisfying family meals to decadent desserts, there’s something for everyone.

  • New Menus Every Week: Every Friday, we reveal new gourmet creations with our rotating menu. This keeps things exciting. But it also allows us to partner with local farmers, incorporating the freshest produce possible.

  • Chef-Prepared Dishes: When you order from Table & Twine, you benefit from the expertise of a real chef. Since every meal has been thoughtfully prepared by our talented culinary team, you can expect consistent, restaurant-quality dishes.

  • 20-Minute Prep Time: We do all of the shopping and chopping. That means you only need to combine the pre-cut ingredients and cook them to unleash their flavors. This takes 20 minutes or less. Many items are even ready to eat!

Dairy-Free Meal Kit FAQs

If you have a dairy allergy or sensitivity, you may experience digestive symptoms or even skin issues after consuming cheese, milk, ice cream, and other dairy products. If you think you may have a dairy allergy, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a dairy intolerance, you may still choose to avoid dairy products. Some people feel more energized and less bloated when they eat dairy-free. Others eliminate dairy from their diets for ethical reasons.

No, dairy-free only excludes milk and ingredients containing milk. Eggs are not in this category. Therefore, eggs may be included in the dinners and pairings from our dairy-free meal prep service in Charlotte.

When you order a dairy-free meal kit from Table & Twine, you’ll receive all the pre-measured and pre-prepared ingredients you need to whip up a delicious meal.

Definitely. When you partner with Table & Twine, we make your life much easier by handling the meal planning, grocery shopping, and prep work. You’ll just need to heat, garnish, and serve.

Heating Instructions

Preparing an allergy-friendly meal by Table & Twine is simple! Just scan the QR code on your meal’s packaging for easy-to-follow heating instructions. These instructions are also available online.

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