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Nut Free Menu

Nut-Free Meal Kit in Charleston

Enjoying an allergy-friendly culinary experience at home is no longer a hassle with Table & Twine. When you order from our nut-free meal service in Charleston, you benefit from artfully-crafted meals that are 100% safe for dinner guests with nut allergies.

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Nut Free Menu

Allergy Statement

Please note: our items are made in a facility that produces items with gluten, dairy, nuts, and shellfish. Menu items may come in contact with these allergens.

Our Nut-Free Menu

Why Choose a Nut-Free Meal Kit?

Dinnertime is for relaxing, not reading ingredient lists. That’s why our chefs are committed to preparing 100% nut-free meals you can enjoy alongside friends and family. Other benefits of a nut-free meal kit in Charleston include:

Avoid Triggering Allergies

When you order a nut-free meal kit from Table & Twine, you can dine with confidence. No longer do you need to worry about triggering an allergic reaction. Instead, you can enjoy a healthy meal that’s full of whole foods and bold flavors.

Reduce Digestive or Dental Issues

Nuts are hard to digest, which can cause stomach issues even in people who don’t have allergies. Nuts can also crack or chip teeth. The best way to handle these issues is to simply avoid nuts.

Enjoy Unparalleled Convenience 

Table & Twine can’t be compared to any other meal service. Because, rather than ship a box of plastic-wrapped ingredients to your front door, we take the time to chop your vegetables, par-cook your grains, and sous vide your meats.

How Our Nut-Free Meal Kits Work

Table & Twine wants to bring the sophistication and flavor of a five-star restaurant to your dinner table. Our chefs do this by handling the more technical kitchen work, like julienning seasonal vegetables and par-cooking ancient grains. So, when you receive your Charleston nut-free meal kit, you’ll just need to heat and serve.

To get started, explore our thoughtfully-curated menu of chef-inspired recipes. We make avoiding triggering ingredients easy by labeling allergy friendly dishes. Nut-free meals, for instance, have a peanut with a “no” symbol.

What To Expect From Our Nut-Free Meal Service

When you partner with Table & Twine, you can guarantee that every nut-free meal will be fresh, delicious, and convenient.

  • Seasonal Produce: Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on overseas produce or meat suppliers. Instead, we nurture relationships with farmers right here in the Carolinas. This allows us to incorporate the freshest ingredients possible into our weekly rotating menu.

  • Ready-to-Use Ingredients: We don't just hand you a box of vegetables and meats. Instead, we pre-prepare each and every ingredient. From there, you’ll just need 15 minutes to bring the dish together.

  • Delicious Pairings:We know that a meal is more than an entrée. That’s why we develop tasteful pairings for each nut-free meal kit in Charleston. Add a side salad, soup, or even cocktail to the menu!

Nut-Free Meal Kit FAQs

Since these meals are free of other food triggers like soy and dairy, these dinners are great for anyone who wants to follow a healthy diet.

Absolutely! Our chefs create new entrées and pairings each week. This makes dinner fun and exciting. It also ensures that you receive the highest quality ingredients.

Your box will include everything you need to create a delicious, nut-free meal. Since all the ingredients are pre-prepared, you won’t need longer than 15 minutes to whip up a decadent dinner.

Yes. When you partner With Table & Twine, we take the difficulty out of healthy eating. Finding fresh ingredients? We’ve done it. Checking nutrition labels for nuts? We’ve handled it. Prepping veggies and meats? Covered. We even deliver!


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