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July 4th Package

Charleston 4th of July Meal Kits

Does the thought of preparing a 4th of July feast have you seeing stars and stripes? If so, consider partnering with Table & Twine. When you order an Independence Day meal kit in Charleston, whipping up a backyard banquet is a picnic.

That’s because our talented chefs handle all the planning, shopping, and chopping for you. We even par-cook grains and pre-roast veggies. Since each dish is quick to prepare, you’ll get to watch the fireworks – not the oven timer.

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July 4th Package

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How Our 4th of July Meal Kits Work

This Independence Day, forget the frozen hamburger patties and canned baked beans. Instead, impress friends and family with fancier fare from Table & Twine. The chef-inspired dishes included in our Charleston 4th of July meal kits offer five-star flavors without the fuss. Most require just 15 minutes of prep time.

Our Charleston 4th of July meal kits are also designed to travel so that your food will taste delicious no matter where you celebrate. This year, our menu includes a lowcountry boil (either sheet-pan style or traditional style), yeast rolls, and peach crisps.

Why Choose a 4th of July Meal Kit?

If you crave smoky ribs and tangy potato salad but don’t know your way around a kitchen, you’ll love 4th of July at-home catering in Charleston. Other benefits of ordering our holiday meal kits include:

  • Less Work, More Fireworks:At Table & Twine, our goal is to free you from time-consuming prep work. That’s why our culinary team prepares 90% of the meal so you don’t have to. Later, when it’s time to feed your guests, you’ll just need to add the finishing touches to your Charleston 4th of July meal kit.

  • Five-Star, Flag-Waving Flavors:The recipes included in our 4th of July meal kits take inspiration from the classic flavors you would expect at a backyard barbecue. Except, rather than serve pre-packaged hot dogs and watery coleslaw, our culinary team has elevated these dishes with fresh, seasonal produce and bold spices.

  • Minimal Mess for Hosts:Besides chopping onions, the worst part of preparing a multi-course meal is cleaning up. As catering professionals, we know this all too well. That’s why when you order 4th of July at-home catering in Charleston, many of the dishes are shipped in oven-ready packaging. So, you can spend less time scrubbing and more time swimming.

4th of July Meal Kit FAQs

With 4th of July at-home catering in Charleston, you don’t need to spend an entire day shucking corn or chopping apples. Instead, set aside one to two hours for prep.

Place an order by June 26th to receive your 4th of July meal kit on time.

No, you cannot customize the 4th of July meal kit. At Table & Twine, we thoughtfully curate holiday menus so there’s something for everyone – even the picky kiddos in your life.


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