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The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.

Support Musicians with Your Meals

Table & Twine is supporting the Symphony Guild of Charlotte, the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra’s charitable arm.

The Guild financially supports the Symphony as well as their efforts to bring music education to the children of Charlotte. Order through the menu below to send a portion of the proceeds to the Symphony Guild of Charlotte, and help fund the arts in your area.

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The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.

Serving the Charlotte Community

Table & Twine provides quality chef-prepared meals and financial support to families around Charlotte with our charitable partnerships. You can feel confident in your purchase with Table & Twine knowing that you’ll be supporting the unique presence of a symphony orchestra right here in our city.

We take pride in the work we do, from uplifting the arts to crafting a menu for a variety of meals and families with different tastes. Our skilled chefs have curated a simple yet delectable dining experience that allows you to skip the planning stage and get right to enjoying your meal. Explore our options below, and benefit others with your purchase. Bon appétit!

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About the Symphony Guild of Charlotte

The Symphony Guild of Charlotte supports the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra with fundraising and volunteer efforts. Donations are also used to provide music education and financial support to the youth of our community.

With exciting events for the public, an annual Young Artists Competition, and sponsorship of several award-winning music education programs for young people, the Symphony Guild of Charlotte ensures that high-quality performances and a love of music will always be present in our community.

What is Table & Twine?

Table & Twine delivers restaurant-quality meals to your doorstep for the days when time spent in the kitchen keeps you from more important things, like spending time with your family or enjoying a concert.

The local Table & Twine kitchen is full of innovative chefs dedicated to serving you delicious meals made only with the freshest ingredients. Choose from a selection of weekly meal options, or check out hand-crafted menus for entertaining during the holidays or getting food to your family as quickly as possible.

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How Does Table & Twine Work?

Table & Twine’s team of chefs takes the burden of shopping and chopping off your shoulders. From doorstep to table, all you need is 20 minutes of preparation time.

With Table & Twine, you can indulge in a restaurant-quality dining experience with the convenience of minimal cleanup – all our meals are served in heat-safe and ready-to-eat packaging. You can also choose between pickup or delivery based on your family’s routines and needs.

Our mission is hassle-free fine dining in the comfort of your own home. Table & Twine makes it easy to turn 20 minutes into meals for everyone.



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