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Soy-Free Meal Kit in Charleston

Soy-Free Meal Kit in Charleston

Table & Twine's soy-free meal kits in Charleston include all of the ingredients you need, and best of all, they are already chopped and peeled for you. You can finally enjoy soy-free meals with no hassle at all!

What is the Table & Twine Meal Kit Service?

We provide meal kits in Charleston that go beyond just sending you the ingredients. Our chefs take care of all of the preparation of those ingredients as well. These ingredients are chosen based on freshness, quality, and flavor. 

It takes more than an entrée to make dinner. That’s why we also offer a variety of gourmet-quality pairings to go with each main dish.

Once your meal is ready, it will arrive to you chopped and ready to prepare. All you need to do is combine the ingredients and cook the meal. Our kits are designed to require only 15 minutes from the time you open the box to the time you can sit down and start eating.

Why Choose Our Soy-Free Meal Kit Delivery?

Our soy-free options give you the same convenience of a meal delivery service in Charleston with a lot less hassle and work. We select the ingredients, prepare them, make sure the portion sizes are correct, and deliver them to you.

Feel Better

If you have soy sensitivities, the best way to feel better (and look better too) is to avoid eating foods that contain soy. 

Eat Healthier

All of our soy-free options are on our Healthy Lifestyle menu, which features organic chicken and wild-caught fish. The foods used are also free of many things that can be troublesome, such as sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, dairy, and of course, soy.

Get Fresh Food Quickly

With our soy-free meal prep service in Charleston, you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing ingredients. You also don't have to clean up a meal prep area and cutting utensils. All you need to do is combine the already-prepared ingredients and cook them up.

What Can You Expect from our Soy-Free Meals?

When you order a soy-free prepared dinner from Table & Twine, you can expect a meal that is as fresh, innovative, and delicious crafted and prepared by dedicated chefs. 

100% Soy-Free Food

Our soy-free meals are made with this feature in mind from the start. We only choose foods and recipes that are meant to be soy-free, so there is no chance of the unwanted component being present.

Meals Ready for Finishing

Our soy-free meal delivery service in Charleston provides you with ingredients that you only need to combine and cook. You'll love not having to spend time shopping or chopping before you can put the food in the oven.

The Freshest Ingredients

Unlike some meal providers, we do not buy bulk amounts of food and then store it in warehouses for months. Instead, our chefs select foods that are in season at the time of preparation. The preparation is done right before delivery, so you get freshness you really can taste.

Flavorful Meals

Choosing our meal kits gives you the just-made freshness that restaurant take-out cannot match. Since you do the cooking yourself, flavor doesn't have a chance to steam off in some insulated bag.

Soy-Free Meal Kit FAQs

How is Soy-Free Healthier?

If you have soy sensitivities, eliminating as much soy from your life will ensure that they are not triggered. This can stop health issues ranging from common allergic reactions to digestive issues.

Should I Avoid Soy Even if I Don't Have an Intolerance?

Even if you don't need to avoid soy, you'll find that our soy-free menu options are great foundations for a healthy eating lifestyle. In fact, we have them on our Healthy Lifestyles page because they provide so many benefits for anyone interested in clean eating.

What Comes in a Table & Twine Soy-Free Meal Kit?

You get fresh, delicious, soy-free ingredients to combine into the week's meal. Offerings are changed every week to ensure the freshest ingredients available – and, to keep things interesting.

How Does a Soy-Free Meal Kit Benefit Me?

Our meal kits take care of everything that can make soy-free eating difficult. Finding the soy-free ingredients? We've taken care of it. Getting everything sliced and diced? We did it. Being able to serve all of the food at once? Our 15-minute cook times ensure it.



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