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Nut-Free Meal Kit Delivery in Charleston

Nut-Free Meal Kit Delivery in Charleston

Having fresh-cooked, nut-free meals at home is no longer a hassle thanks to Table & Twine's nut-free meal delivery service in Charleston. Just like the rest of Table & Twine's meals, these nut-free meal kits are made of pre-prepared, pre-portioned ingredients that are fresh and ready to cook.

All of Table & Twine’s meals can be cooked at the same time. This makes it easy to accommodate friends or family members that have nut allergies while making sure everyone can eat at the same time.

What is the Table & Twine Meal Delivery Service?

Table & Twine knows that you prefer hot, fresh-cooked meals with minimal work on your part, which is never a guarantee when you order delivery in Charleston.

We also understand that if you have a sensitivity to nuts and other foods, you still want to be able to enjoy the convenience and deliciousness offered by a nut-free meal prep service.

Our nut-free prepared dinner in Charleston stands out because it uses pre-chopped ingredients that are in season at the time of your order. This gives you the freshest possible meal while saving you from prep time. You also avoid the need to wash extra dishes and utensils.

Why Choose Our Charleston Nut-Free Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Choosing a nut-free meal kit in Charleston gives you a fresh dinner that has been made from a recipe that is free of nuts right from the start. Our dinners are also designed to have the same cook times whether or not they have nuts, so as long as everyone's meal comes from Table & Twine, you can eat at the same time as the rest of the family.

Avoid Triggering Allergies

You don't have to worry about setting off a nut allergy or sensitivity with our nut-free meals. This gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your dinner.

Avoid Digestive or Dental Issues

Nuts are hard to chew and digest, and this can cause digestive problems even if you aren't specifically allergic or sensitive to them. Their hardness is also troublesome if you have certain dental conditions. The best way to handle these issues is to simply avoid nuts.

Eat Healthier

Table & Twine's nut-free meals have benefits beyond being free of nuts. They are also free of many other food sensitivity triggers, such as soy and dairy; and they have no preservatives, artificial flavors, or added sugars. Because of this, we list them on our Healthy Lifestyles menu.

What to Expect from Our Nut-Free Meals

Our nut-free meals are always fresh, with the ingredients already prepared. After just 15 minutes of cooking time, they'll be ready to be plated up and put on your table.

100% Nut-Free

Table & Twine nut-free meals are designed to be made without nuts right from the start. You don't have to worry about anyone forgetting to omit nuts, since these meals are never meant to have any.

Delicious Pairings

We know that a meal is more than just an entree. Each nut-free meal kit in Charleston has options for adding appetizers, salads, desserts, and more to each meal..

Fresh, Seasonal Flavors

To ensure the freshest and most flavorful ingredients, we choose the ones that are in season when you order. Nothing has lost its flavor due to extended storage times.

Ready-to-Use Ingredients

We don't just hand you a box of whole vegetables and meats. Instead, we peel, slice, and chop everything that needs it. All you need to do is combine them and prepare them as instructed in the oven, microwave, or stovetop.

Nut-Free Meal Kit FAQs

Are Nut-Free Meals Only for Those with Nut Allergies?

Many people benefit from nut-free meals even if they don't have allergies to nuts. Since our nut-free meals also have a number of other healthy features, these dinners are great for anyone following a healthy lifestyle.

Do You Offer a Variety of Nut-Free Meals?

Absolutely! Our chefs create new entrees and pairings every week. This gives you fresh tastes to choose from and ensures the freshest ingredients. Just select exactly what you want from the week's menu.

What Will I Get in my Table & Twine Nut-Free Meal?

You will get fresh ingredients for the entree and pairings that you have chosen. All ingredients will be pre-chopped and pre-sliced, so you don't need to do anything besides combine them and put them in the oven.

How Do I Benefit from These Nut-Free Meal Kits?

All of the difficulty is taken out of eating healthy with our nut-free meal kits. Finding healthy ingredients? We've done it. Ensuring that there are no nuts included? We handled it. Choosing the portion sizes? Done. Taking care of the preparation work? Covered. We even deliver. All you need to do is cook and enjoy your dinner.



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