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Gluten-Free Meal Kit in Charlotte

Gluten-Free Meal Kit in Charlotte

Table & Twine's gluten-free meal kit delivery kit makes it easy for Charlotte residents with gluten sensitivities to enjoy all the benefits of a meal delivery service. With our fresh gluten-free meals, you can enjoy convenient, delicious meals any day of the week.

What is Table & Twine?

Table & Twine is a Charlotte meal delivery service unlike any other. Whereas other delivery kit services ship ingredients that still need to be washed and chopped, we do all of that for you.

Meals arrive ready to cook in under 15 minutes — no prep required. Without having chop ingredients, there’s a lot less clean-up for you. Additionally, we save you from having to spend time planning meals and shopping for ingredients.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a meal kit service in Charlotte, which is why we offer 100% gluten-free meals for people with gluten sensitivities.

Why Choose Gluten-Free Meal Kit Delivery in Charlotte?

Meal planning, especially for people with gluten sensitivities, can take a long time. Not only does a gluten-free meal service make life easier, but it also has other benefits.

Make Your Gut Happy

Anyone with a gluten intolerance knows how painful an unhappy gut can be. A gluten-free meal service can help make sure you’re eating meals that don’t cause bloating or imbalances in your gut.

Better Energy & Focus

If gluten leaves you feeling tired and foggy, a gluten-free meal service will dish up food that leaves you feeling more energized and focused.

Affordable & Convenient

We know you're busy and don't have a lot of time to cook well-rounded meals every day of the week. We've made our gluten-free meal delivery service affordable and convenient to fit your lifestyle.

What You Can Expect from Our Gluten-Free Meals

Charlotte residents love our gluten-free meals. Why? Because we make healthy foods that don’t sacrifice flavor.

  • Zero Gluten: There's no wheat, period. In fact, our gluten-free meals are prepared separately from other meals, so they won't touch the same surfaces or tools as meals with gluten. Our meals are safe and delicious
  • Gourmet Creations: Each weekly menu is crafted by our passionate and experienced chefs who care about giving you the best eating experience. We use only fresh, flavorful ingredients to make our meals tasty and enjoyable. There are no boring flavors or heavy sauces — each menu item is perfectly planned and surprisingly delicious
  • Fresh Seasonal Flavors: We use seasonal ingredients so that our meals taste fresher and use fewer preservatives. In fact, our weekly menu is seasonally-driven, so meal options change regularly for more variety and flavor
  • Delightful Pairings: We believe that each meal should be well-rounded and fully satisfying. That’s why our chefs curate a list of pairings to complement each meal. You'll be able to choose from cocktails to desserts to take your meal to the next level

Explore our gluten-free meal options and see for yourself!

Gluten-Free FAQs

Should I avoid gluten even if I don't have an intolerance?

Avoiding gluten is important for people who have conditions like celiac disease, however, many people claim to benefit from a gluten-free diet, even if they don't have this gluten intolerance. Always consult with your doctor before making major changes to your diet.

What will I get in my Table & Twine gluten-free meal?

You’ll find gluten-free ingredients that have been pre chopped and are ready to cook to create a satisfying meal. Recipes are created each week, so every meal is exciting and uses a variety of flavors.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a generic name for the proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye. It's a gluey ingredient that helps breads and other foods hold their shape. Pure gluten can be very sticky and rubbery.

Are gluten-free meals healthier?

Table & Twine gluten-free meal kits are designed to be healthy. If you're already eating a gluten-free diet at home, Table & Twine meals may be healthier than your normal meals. Whether gluten-free foods are themselves more healthy than foods that contain gluten depends on how your body processes foods and whether you can digest gluten safely. You should consult with your doctor as to whether or not a gluten-free diet is a healthy option for you.

Can this meal plan be helpful for me?

If you have a hard time planning your own diets in a way that is nutritious and tasty, then Table & Twine's meal planning is for you. We've taken the hard part out of the meal planning process. If you're sticking to our plan, you don't have to wonder whether you're eating a well-rounded diet, or whether the food will taste good. We've done all that work for you.


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