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Table & Twine's Artisan Street Tacos Chosen in Charlotte Stories' Top 10 Tacos List

Table & Twine's Artisan Street Tacos Chosen in Charlotte Stories' Top 10 Tacos List

The taco scene in Charlotte, NC, has exploded over the last several years. Competition is fierce as restaurants and meal services vie to create the tacos that will be crowned the best in the area. This makes it extremely hard to be chosen on a top list like the one published by Charlotte Stories… but Table & Twine made it!

Charlotte Stories is a local news publication that covers cultural events, points of interest, local businesses, and of course, the hottest trends and news in Charlotte. Table & Twine is thrilled to have its Artisan Street Tacos line included as #2 in Charlotte Stories’ list of the Top 10 Best Tacos spots in Charlotte.

The list recognizes the level of culinary competition in Charlotte, and therefore, the difficulty involved in making one of the best tacos in Charlotte. Table & Twine is ecstatic that its constant focus on providing delicious, home-delivered taco meal kits has been recognized with this listing.

Table & Twine's artisan street tacos

Mouthwatering Artisan Street Tacos Turn Up the Flavor

Table & Twine’s tacos come in beef, chicken, adobo shrimp and roasted fajita vegetable. These delicious proteins are blended with the perfect co-star ingredients, like fresh cabbage slaw and pico, to create flavor experiences that are sure to leave you wowed.

Unlike other tacos, Table & Twine’s are unique in that you don't have to go to a restaurant or stand in line to get delicious food. Yet, they aren't take-out as you would normally think of it. Instead, the tacos come in the form of meal kits, which provide you with all of the necessary ingredients. All of the ingredients are already chopped up, so all you need to do is finish cooking them to have fresh, hot tacos right at home.

This system gives you tacos that are far superior to take-out, which often arrive lukewarm and without the expected fresh, crisp flavor. Since you're doing the final cooking, your tacos will literally have just come out of the oven when you sit down to eat them.

"I love working with Table & Twine to create new Artisan Street Taco recipes," said one of its local chefs.

"I know that I'll get to work with the freshest possible ingredients and that I can create new recipes if ingredient availability changes. It is very satisfying knowing that people who buy these tacos will get the best possible experience and that it will be as good as top restaurant fare."

Another chef noted that she gets to prepare the food instead of sending it to the customer as raw whole vegetables and big chunks of meat.

"This has multiple benefits for our customers," she explained.

"Of course, it saves them the work of having to chop everything up. It also ensures that everything will be chopped in the exact way that will bring out the most flavor and eating experience. All too often, it is hard for a customer to figure out exactly how to prepare food from limited instructions – but as chefs, we already know exactly how it all needs to be done. This guarantees an excellent final result upon cooking."

Table & Twine's artisan street tacos

Why Choose Table & Twine Tacos Over All of Charlotte's Other Offerings?

Convenience and flavor put Table & Twine Artisan Street Tacos above all of the other choices in the city. You don't have to go to a restaurant, wait in line, or sit in crowds to have delicious tacos. You also don't have to go to the grocery store and buy a cartful of produce and meat to make your own.

With Table & Twine, you get all of the benefits of food that has been prepared by professional chefs – without any of the hassles.

Finally, you can rest assured that each taco meal kit is prepared with the freshest possible ingredients. Table & Twine changes its menu to account for seasonal and other variations in ingredient availability, so it never uses foods that have lost their flavors in storage.

To experience our Artisan Street Tacos for yourself, browse our current menu. While you're there, be sure to pick some of our chef-developed pairings, or sides, to go with the main item. This makes it easy to turn your taco meal into a full dinner.



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