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Vegetarian Meal Kit Delivery in Charleston

Vegetarian Meal Kit Delivery in Charleston


 Eating meat-free meals is easy with our Table & Twine vegetarian meal prep service in Charleston. All of our meals and pairings are delivered with all of the peeling and chopping done, so you just need to pop them in the oven and you're ready to eat. There's no need to cook or eat separately from your family and friends, and you don't have to worry that any meat has accidentally been added to your meals!

How Table & Twine is Different from Other Vegetarian Options

Others who offer a vegetarian meal kit in Charleston typically deliver your ingredients whole. This makes it so that you have to do a lot of prep work before you can actually cook the ingredients. You also end up with a variety of utensils, cutting boards and pans to clean.

With Table & Twine's Charleston meal kits, these jobs are eliminated. You simply take your ingredients out of the bag and put them in the oven. Everything is already prepared, so once the dinner is hot, you're ready to eat.

We also make sure to change our seasonal menu on a weekly basis, so you never get sick of our fare. This also ensures that only the freshest ingredients are used.

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Why Choose Table and Twine?

All of our meals — both vegetarian and meat mains — are calibrated to have the same cooking times. You can cook Table & Twine dinners for your whole family, and you'll all be able to sit down together.

Vegetarian Meals Can be Healthier

Many types of meat contain unhealthy elements like abundant fats or high levels of cholesterol, which may be hard on your heart and arteries. Eating vegetarian meals can help to prevent problems like arteriosclerosis.

Explore New Dishes

Vegetarian meals are full of color and taste. Discover new favorites you’ve never tried before and add variety to your diet. Variation in your diet introduces your body to different sources of nutrition and helps improve your immune system. 

Skip the Prep Work

Preparing meals from whole vegetables is time-consuming because they typically need to be chopped into fairly small pieces. Some also need to be peeled, have their seeds removed, or be prepared in some way. When you buy a vegetarian meal kit, all of this work is done for you.

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What Can You Expect from Table & Twine Vegetarian Meals?

Our vegetarian prepared dinners in Charleston are healthy, tasty and easy to cook. You don't have to spend time on food prep, and you don't have to cook separately from the non-vegetarians in your group.

Enjoy The Freshest Ingredients

We change our menu weekly so that we can use the freshest ingredients available. This lets us create delicious dishes without the need for heavy, unhealthy sauces.

Choose from Excellent Pairings

Additional side and drink selections turn our entrees into true meals. Each entree on the menu has suggested pairings and beverages available, so you can easily enjoy full dinners without extra work.

Select from Chef-Developed Menu Choices

Our meals are developed and prepared by actual chefs. You can rest assured that no matter what you choose, it will be delicious and thoughtfully crafted.

Vegetarian Meal Kits FAQs

Do You Have to be a Vegetarian to Eat Vegetarian Meals?

Non-vegetarians enjoy vegetarian meals all the time! Salads, fruit bowls, and similar dishes are standards for most tables. All that a vegetarian meal does is expand the concept, and the portion sizes, to create satisfying dinners. Our meals are satisfying for non-vegetarians even though they are meat-free.

Can I Pick the Recipes in Table & Twine's Vegetarian Meal Service?

Absolutely! We offer several choices for our vegetarian meal delivery service in Charleston every week. Simply choose the ones that look the tastiest, and we'll do the rest (except the final cooking).

What Will I Get in My Vegetarian Meal Kit?

You will get a freshly-prepared entree made from in-season ingredients, along with any pairings you have ordered. Everything will already be prepared, so all you'll need to do is the final cooking steps!

How Do I Benefit from These Vegetarian Meal Kits?

Sticking to a way of eating can be tough, but we've taken care of all of the challenging parts. Choosing the right vegetables? Our chefs have done it. Making sure everything is fresh? We've taken care of it. Getting the ingredients? Done. Preparing all of the foods? Wonderfully covered. Delivering it to your door, so all you have left to do is cook and eat? We do it!




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