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Nut-Free Meal Kit in Charlotte

Nut-Free Meal Kit in Charlotte

Table & Twine's nut-free meal delivery in Charlotte lets you enjoy prepared meal kits without the need to hunt for recipes you can eat. Simply choose from the Healthy Lifestyle menu to be sure that everything you get will be not only free of nuts but delicious and easy to cook.

What is the Table & Twine Meal Delivery Service?

Our Charlotte meal kits are fully prepared and ready for you to combine and cook. They use fresh, seasonal ingredients that are popping with flavor when you put them on your table. Choosing seasonal ingredients also means that our menus change weekly, so you never get bored.

We are also a local company, so your food isn't kept on dry ice and shipped for miles via a common carrier. Instead, our drivers carefully transport and deliver your nut-free prepared dinner to you in Charlotte.

To make your meal experience better still, we offer professionally chosen pairings of wines, craft beers, and desserts that go perfectly with each entree choice. You can choose one or more of these pairings to complete your meal.

Why Choose a Nut-Free Meal Kit in Charlotte?

Having nut-free meal kits delivered saves you from having to go to the store and pour over labels to avoid unwanted nut ingredients. You also don't have to spend time chopping, peeling, and cleaning prep utensils when you choose our nut-free meal prep service in Charlotte because we take care of all the work for you! You simply need to finish the final steps and cook your meal.

Eat Without Allergy Concerns

It's easy to enjoy our meals since you know that you don't have to worry about hidden nuts in your meal. All of our nut-free meals are from our separate Healthy Lifestyle menu – not just "hold the nuts" versions of other dishes. This means that there is no chance for a mix-up in the recipe.

15-Minute Cook Times for All of Our Meals

Every entree is ready in 15 minutes, no matter which menu it comes from. This makes it easy to get everyone's food on the table at the same time – including your own nut-free meal.

Nut-Free Meals are Enjoyable and Healthy

Our nut-free meals do more than just omit nuts. They're part of our Healthy Lifestyle menu, so they're also free of preservatives, gluten, dairy, added sugar, and many other unwanted ingredients. They also are portioned at healthy amounts so you don't pack on pounds. This makes our nut-free meal delivery service in Charlotte great for getting started on a healthy eating plan.


What You Can Expect from Our Nut-Free Meals in Charlotte

Charlotte residents love our nut-free meals because they are healthy, delicious, and require no preparation. All you need to do is combine the ingredients and cook them to unleash their flavors.

Completely Nut-Free

Our nut-free meals are made from separate recipes than those on our standard menu, so you never have to be concerned about mix-ups in preparation. They are even made separately from the rest of our foods to ensure that there is no ingredient crossover.

Seasonal Flavors

Our menus rotate every week to ensure that the freshest foods are always used. You'll instantly notice the difference when you taste ingredients that haven't been held in storage for months, but instead were made into meals during their natural growing seasons. To see this week's options, check out our Healthy Lifestyle menu now.

Gourmet Taste

Professional chefs create our recipes and then do the preparation of the ingredients. This gives a gourmet taste that other options may lack.

Nut-Free Meal Service FAQs

Are Nut-Free Meals Just for People with Nut Allergies?

Many people who have no nut allergies benefit from our nut-free meal kit in Charlotte. These meals are also healthy in many other ways, and they fit well with eating plans that focus on fresh, natural foods.

Can I Pick the Recipes in my Nut-Free Meal Service?

You can choose from any of the week's recipes on our Healthy Lifestyle menu! We want you to always be delighted by your meals and pairings, and we never want you to be bored. Just log in and select your choices for the week, and we'll do the rest!

What Will I Get in my Table & Twine Nut-Free Meal?

You'll get the ingredients for a newly-created nut-free meal, along with any pairings that you have chosen. All of the ingredients will already be chopped and otherwise prepared, so you just need to combine them and put them in the oven.

How Can I Benefit from this Nut-Free Meal Kit?

One of the hardest parts of avoiding an ingredient like nuts is examining product labels. With our nut-free meal kit, this task is gone. We make sure every meal truly is nut-free. Other hassles are gone, too. Choosing your portion sizes? Done. Coming up with a new recipe every week? That's done, too. Preparing the ingredients? Already completed. All that's left for you is to combine the ingredients and cook them. You'll be ready to eat in 15 minutes.



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