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Dairy-Free Meal Kits in Charleston

Dairy-Free Meal Kits in Charleston

Table & Twine's dairy-free prepared dinner in Charleston makes it simple to enjoy all of the benefits of our meal service without any worries about the presence of milk-based products. With our meal kits, you spend less time shopping and chopping and more time spending quality time with family over dinner. 

What is Table & Twine?

We are a Charleston meal preparation service with an important difference: Unlike most services, we take care of the preparation of the ingredients before we send meals out to customers. This means we take care of all the chopping, slicing, peeling, and anything else of that nature. 

Because of this, you get the convenience you truly expect when you order in. You don't have to spend time in the kitchen preparing dinner purely from scratch. Yet, you get the excellent from-scratch flavor you're craving.

Since many people have sensitivities to dairy products, we have developed a dairy-free prepared dinner to meet your needs and tastes. In fact, we have several dairy-free menu options. This is part of how we ensure that everyone in Charleston can enjoy tasty, quick home-cooked meals without the work of preparation.

Why Choose Dairy-Free Meal Delivery?

Along with being free of the need to spend hours preparing meals in the kitchen, a dairy-free meal kit Charleston provides health benefits to those with sensitivities to dairy. 

Ease Your Digestion

One of the most common ways people discover they have dairy sensitivity is how their bodies, specifically their digestive system, respond negatively after eating milk, ice cream, or other milk-heavy products. While side-effects can be mitigated with lactose-free versions of dairy products, the most effective solution is to avoid dairy entirely.

Clear Your Skin

For some people, dairy can help clear the skin from acne. Doctors are not sure which component of the milk causes acne in some people but suspect allergic reactions, reactions to the lactose in milk, or to the level of iodine, hormones, or other components in dairy products.

Prevent Serious Allergic Reactions

Dairy allergies can result in everything from breaking out in hives to full-on anaphylactic reactions, which cause facial swelling and can swell the throat closed. You can avoid the range of allergic reactions altogether by skipping meals with dairy-based ingredients. 

Getting Dairy-Free Meals is Easy and Affordable

Whether you’ve eaten diary-free for years or are just now exploring a dairy-free diet, our Charleston dairy-free meal kit makes it easy to eat delicious, convenient meals that won’t compromise your health. You can have a dairy-free prepared dinner any time you want, with no hassles.

What Can You Expect from our Dairy-Free Meals?

There are several reasons to choose our dairy-free meals over alternatives such as grocery delivery or restaurant take-out. Two of the most important being that you can enjoy the freshness of a homemade meal with a lot less work. 

Easy Delivery 

You don't have to go shopping to get ingredients when you order from our weekly menus. Even better, unlike restaurant delivery, you won't end up with lukewarm food with our dairy-free meal delivery service in Charleston. That's because you do the final cooking steps at home to lock in flavor. 

100% Dairy-Free Meals 

Our dairy-free menus are not on-the-spot adaptations to special orders, unlike at most restaurants. You don't have to worry about any mistakes because the main recipe is dairy-free from the start.

Weekly Menu Choice Changes 

You won't be limited to ordering from the same menu over and over! Each week, you get to choose new flavors and styles. 

Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients 

We don't use ingredients that are out-of-season or that have been sitting in a crisper for six months. Instead, everything is as fresh as possible. Our constantly changing menu ensures that we can always incorporate what is in season.

Dairy-Free Meal Kit FAQs

Should I avoid dairy even if I don’t have an intolerance?

You can try eating dairy-free even if you’re not sure whether you have a dairy intolerance or not. Some people find that when they avoid dairy, their skin clears, their allergies lessen, and their digestion improves. If you have any problems related to these issues, it's worth trying a dairy-free plan to see if it helps you.

Does dairy-free mean no eggs?

No, dairy-free does not mean egg-free. Even though eggs are often sold in the "dairy" section of stores, they are not a source of diary. Only milk and milk-based products count as dairy.

What will I get in my Table & Twine dairy-free meal?

Our meal kits include all of the ingredients, which are already chopped and ready to cook and combine into full dishes.

How do I benefit from this dairy-free meal kit?

Planning and choosing ingredients is often the hardest part of starting a healthy eating plan, but with our dairy-free meal prep service in Charleston, you're set right from the start. Ingredient choices? Covered. Preparation? Taken care of. Delivery? Right to your door. All that's left for you to do is cook the food, and enjoy the deliciousness.



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