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Raleigh Easter Meal Kits

Easter is for enjoying loved ones. But with hams to glaze and green beans to string, hosts barely have enough time to sit down at the dinner table. Fortunately, there’s a better solution.

With Table & Twine’s Easter meal kits in Raleigh, you can pull off a delicious spread in no time. Each kit comes with pre-measured and pre-prepared ingredients, meaning you won’t need to spend hours mincing veggies and muddling herbs. Instead, you can just heat, serve, and relax.

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Why Choose an Easter Meal Kit?

Maybe you love to whip up lavish, home-cooked dinners. Or, maybe you prefer to microwave your meals. No matter your skill level, Table & Twine will help you put together a delicious family-style brunch or dinner. We work hard to make sure you enjoy the benefits of at-home Easter catering in Raleigh, including:

Less Stress, More Convenience

As a host, it can be hard to enjoy your own party. But when you choose Easter at-home catering in Raleigh, you’ll never miss the egg hunt. Since our talented chefs prepare 90% of your meal, you won’t need to waste hours planning, shopping, and chopping. Plus, after your guests bid farewell, you won’t have a big mess to clean up.

Delicious, Family-Friendly Recipes

We’ll whip up a restaurant-quality meal that is sure to please adults and children alike. These dishes take inspiration from classic, southern flavors and incorporate fresh, seasonal produce and sustainably-sourced proteins. Even better, our Executive Pastry Chef thoughtfully develops fun and exciting desserts each Easter.

A Lasting Impression

As catering professionals, we know no shindig is complete without good food. That’s why we have developed an Easter meal package that features all the fixings needed for a memorable family gathering. From savory sides to incredible entrées, we’ll provide you with recipes that make an impression.

Easter Meal Kit FAQs

You’ll just need one to two hours to prepare your Easter meal. Afterward, you can sit down at the dinner table and enjoy your friends and family.

To ensure that you receive your meal kit on time, please order your Easter meal by [insert date].

Our Easter meal kits cannot be customized. At Table & Twine, our chefs thoughtfully develop holiday meals with something for everyone. 



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